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EZ DepositSM

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How EZ DepositSM can benefit your company:

  • Streamline the deposit preparation process.
  • Make multiple deposits, 24 hours a day.
  • Reduce paper handling costs and save trips to the bank.
  • Improve efficiency, avoid the hassle and risks from manual deposits - saving you time and money.

Deposit checks in your accounts without a trip to the bank! With an EZ DepositSM scanner at your business location, you can securely submit your deposit directly to us - without the hassle and risk of putting it in the mail or driving to the bank.


EZ DepositGetting Started

Arbor Bank EZ DepositSM allows you to submit checks for deposit using a PC and a scanning device located at your own business site. The system generates an electronic image for each check that is transmitted directly to the bank through a secure internet connection. This process eliminates the need to take paper checks to the bank for deposit.

EZ DepositSM is safe and convenient. Paper checks are converted to electronic images that have the same legal standing as checks.

Access to the deposited check and related transaction data is retrievable through EZ DepositSM.



EZ DepositSM is available for a low monthly fee. Multi-user and multi-location capabilities are also available. Both options have no set-up fees, include the scanner rental, and have the ability to deposit into multiple accounts. Transaction fees may apply.


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